About the Enterprise21 Blog 

Welcome to my thoughts on business and IT services and architectures in the context of the current transformation arising from XaaS, mobility and social computing.

A mindset of ongoing change

Once you develop a culture of experimentation and innovation, developing strategies flows from that naturally.  Try implanting strategies as bolt ons, their effectiveness will be limited.

A number of strategies are now dawning upon the enterprise.  Have you considered:

  • Enterprise mobility strategy
  • Cloud operating model and candidates
  • Software defined networks
  • SaaS offerings of relevance to your enterprise
  • Platform selection for the Enterprise21, and finally
  • Your role in the 21st century enterprise:  Your services value chain model will change.  There are current internal services that you will consume in an XAAS manner, you may be a leader in some key capabilities for which you can become a supplier of those services, perhaps globally!

Have you started experimenting with these ideas, at the right level?

New IT model is the fluid model of IT, with everything as a service, accessible everywhere and potentially by everyone through mobility

The Enterprise 21 Model is the new model of the enterprise, where value chains are designed and realised differently.

As new capabilities are transitioned to an XAAS model, many current internal services will get substituted by XaaS ones.

A FluidIT operating model will enable your new information ecosystem.  Current services process will get enhanced for operating in a federated services environment.

So, how will you design business value chains in such an environment?  How is your strategic planning process impacted?  How do you manage competitive advantage?  How do you go to market? How do you work with your supply chain?

Welcome to the Enterprise21 journey!