Revisiting the definition and ingredients of “Enterprise”: Purpose, Courage and Energy 

The word “enterprise” gets dropped into a number of things, frequently added to anything done at scale.

With the huge amount of change that is coming upon the business and society through social networks, mobility and cloud, definition of the word “enterprise” seems to be melting away.   This is similar to how Internet did and continues to redefine the business.

While calling this blog, the Enterprise21 blog, I had a notion in mind that I want to define more clearly.  So, I first decided to revisit the definition of the word “enterprise”.

Wiktionary, lists a number of meanings of the word “enterprise”.   I will like to combine these into an aggregated definition

Enterprise is  a purposeful endeavor, or a new or risky project involving energy and initiative, often a daring and courageous one.

As social BPM gathers momentum in the traditional enterprise, existing cultures and relationships will be challenged.  Leaders as well as teams will need to show courage and purpose.

As cloud-model of IT gathers momentum, business and IT leaders will need to show purpose, courage and energy.

Mobility may the mechanism or the face of this change, it is the social BPM and cloud model that will redefine customer, employee and partner interactions.

How do we enable individuals, teams and enterprises to harness this change?  Enrichment of individuals, teams and the enterprise that is promised by this change needs to be “eaten from the right side”.

Let us first agree that an enterprise is not just a business, but any endeavor involving multiple people; be it for profit, charity or other social or individual purpose, sometimes as simple as just having fun.

So, how does an enterprise go about delivering on the purpose it set out to achieve?  If we can define that, we would have defined strategy and processes for business and IT.   I will write more about changes to strategic processes that I see evolving.